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Enhance The Privacy Of Your Email By Using An Overseas (Offshore) Email Provider

The loss of online privacy has been getting a lot of press recently. Many folks are particularly worried about decreased privacy for their email accounts. Since you are reading this, you are probably one of those people, so let's talk about this.

Online privacy is so much in the news these days that it is no wonder people are concerned. Particularly worrisome is the idea that our email accounts aren't private.

Unfortunately for most of us, the little bit of online privacy we enjoyed is decreasing, rather than increasing. Why? This loss of privacy comes from issues like Western governments growing efforts to spot and prevent possible terrorist attacks and online crime, along with major companies that want access to your personal data so they can better sell you stuff.

So the problem is clear. But what can you do about it? You could try the political route, campaigning to get your government to change its policies, and every major company to change theirs too, but I don't think you will have much luck. Instead, I think the best thing for you to do is to look at moving your email someplace with stronger privacy laws.

It turns out that privacy laws vary significantly from country to country, and some places protect your online privacy rights far more than places like the US or the UK. If your email is stored in one of those places, you will have greater protections than in others.

Note: I need to be perfectly clear here. We're not talking about doing anything illegal. I am one of those old guys who still believes in personal rights and privacy as one of the key elements of a civil society. It is in this spirit that I offer up the following information.

You have two major factors to consider if you want to enhance the privacy of your email. One thing of course is which locations and services have the best privacy policies. The second is where you live.

Many jurisdictions in the world (for example, Norway) provide greater protection for your online privacy than countries like the US. That makes this all simple. Just sign up with a service based in Norway and you're all set, right?

Unfortunately, no. You need to consider the country you live in as well. You want your email to live in a different jurisdiction than you do. Why? Because it is much easier for various people and organizations to get their hands on your email if it is hosted in your home country.

If you are a US citizen using an email service that is based in the US, for example, you should know that there are many US government agencies that can get access to your email if they choose to. And surely you've seen how the big email providers are changing their privacy policies and gathering more and more information about you and what you do online, information that they must also share with the government when requested.

But government employees and anyone else in your home country has much less access to email services that are based in another country typically referred to as offshore email services, since doing so requires the cooperation of that nation's government and consideration of their privacy laws.

Ok, so let's talk about Norway again. For most of us, this is a great country to host our email in. But if you are Norwegian, hosting your email in Norway has some potential drawbacks. As a Norwegian citizen, you would be putting your email right where your government has the most control. Please understand that I'm not trying to imply that the Norwegian government would ever violate the privacy of email accounts in Norway, but surely of all the governments in the world, they would have the easiest time doing so if they chose to. We're talking about guarding against possible risks, so Norwegians might want to look into other places to host their email, despite the protections afforded them by their own country's strong privacy laws.

Ok, let's summarize then. You can increase your email privacy by moving your email offshore, using a service based in a country with stronger online privacy laws than your own country. There are several options. You just need to find one that is appropriate for your situation.


Clearly it is time to take action to protect your email privacy. Now all you need is a service to work with and instructions on how to get started. Click the following link to get started right now: