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Ongoing Discussion Of Apple - 8/22/2016

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Here are articles I found interesting over the past 10 days regarding Apple.

Apple Acquires Personal Health Data Startup Gliimpse

Fast Company

Apple's transformation into a technology savvy health care company continues.

Tim Cook, the interview: Running Apple 'is sort of a lonely job'

Washington Post

A wide-ranging interview with Tim Cook. A must read for current and future investors on Apple's vision and strategic direction.

Swiss Central Bank Holds $5.3 Billion in Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft Stocks

Wall Street on Parade

The big news was Warren Buffett buying another 500 million dollars worth of Apple in the 2nd Quarter of 2016. This brings Berkshire Hathaway's total investment in Apple to $1.5-1.6 billion. I found it interesting the Swiss Central Bank has a similar position size as Mr. Buffett in Apple. This news is not widely reported. In fairness, the Swiss Central Bank owns thousands of equities in the US, in an attempt to replicate broad market performance.

Sovereign Debt Crisis

The Coming Storm - Stock Pile Food & Water for 30 days

Armstrong Economics

Just makes good sense to have some food you grow for yourself. Global cooling is on the horizon, and as Martin mentions food quantity goes down while the price goes up. The energy output of the sun is peaking in cyclical fashion. Remember when Washington crossed the frozen Delaware River?

The Collapse of American Free Press - It's Just Over

Armstrong Economics

Collapse of the rule of law - check

Press is pawn of establishment - check

Monetary System collapse - coming

Knee Jerk v Spike v Temp v Reaction Events

Armstrong Economics

A good primer on the different types of patterns related to highs and lows and their relation to time. I learned something new.

Department of Labor Regulating Your 401K April 16th, 2017

Armstrong Economics

If you own a 401k this is something you have to read.

The new ruling from the Department of Labor (NYSEARCA:DOL) affecting financial advice related to retirement plans is pretended to protect consumers against high fees which necessitates the government stepping in to monitor your 401K. Next, no manager will be seen as competent and the Department of Justice will start to target small retirement managers to expose them for fraud that they can then turn into a justification for government to take over ALL 401ks. This is how the whole thing will unfold all because the off-budget expenditure (Social Security & Medicare) are up 66% during the Obama Administration and go negative next year. One way to cope with all of this is to simple merge the failed government managed funds with the private funds.


Same as before, long stock and long synthetic options replicating stock.

Disclosure: I am/we are long AAPL.