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Beware Of Analysts!


Ever felt after reading a reco for a stock, that you should sell it, just because its been recommended? Contrarian view?

Ever felt why none of the stocks which gain or lose 30-40% the next morning, are never on the radar on any of the thousands of analysts?

Most analysts news or blogs are in Hindsight. And talk about graphs, and what not. Whats the value to any reader?

Most analysts downgrades or upgrades come after the stock has ALREADY fallen or risen? whats the value to any investor?

Beware. Everyone claims to do your own analysis, as a disclaimer. Then what value do I get from you? I hire a plumber because I do not know how to fix a leaking pipe. Beware these FREE articles, they are often posted AFTER the fact to fool a retail investor, when the recommended stock has already risen to its peak.

My summary says it all.