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Recession Is A Mental Game!


So? Prepare yourself. Mentally. Be prepared. The focus here is not the recession, but one's mental preparation for it.

50% of your investments wiped out. But it wont happen overnight. It will happen fast, 10%-20%-30%-32%-29%-41%-17%-51%. The path is zig zag even if its an escalator down. Fast.

So be it.

How long do they last? 1-2 years? More? Whoa. 3 years could be a reasonable hard side.

Now imagine this with your safest $JNJ or $SPY holding of $100K. Reduced to $90K-$80K-$70K-$68K-$71K-$59K-$83K-$49K. Its not linear. One would be enticed to sell or buy many times.

One would be enticed to sell or buy many times.

Thats where mental preparation comes handy.

Easiest is to just leave it all alone.

Best is to Buy.

Mentally, be prepared to buy. It will be hard. Its not easy to buy even $JNJ at $80 and then see it drop to $49.

It takes some discipline. It takes some practice.

To be always be in a buyer's mindset.

My 2c.