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Poll: What Kind Of Investor Are You?


Know thyself. I still am. Trying.

This poll is NOT subjective.

Evaluate yourself for D-G-R, Dividend-Growth-Risk.

On a scale of 0-5. Zero = Least important, 5 = Most Important.

Zero Risk = Least risk appetite.

As an example, if you evaluate yourself as D0-G5-R2 it means that dividends are not all important to you. Growth is of prime importance with some risk appetite.

Whats mine?



[I think i.e. Dividends are good, but growth is 4x that important, and I am willing to take some risk for it]

What is your DGR score?

Now, tell me how do you view these businesses to invest in? Same DGR score applies. It shows us how we see same businesses differently. Of course one's rating may be influenced by its current price/valuation:

1. O

2. V


4. BA

5. BRK.B

Thanks for playing.