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A Sad, Sad Song About MFG

Here's a link to an old song, sung by Tom Rush, a sad song about labor strife in paradise - "Joshua Gone Barbados." Tom Rush was a figure in the folk music scene when I was a teenager, and I really like his version, although he seems to have picked up a lot of grey hair in the intervening years:

In the spirit of sad resignation, here's a few verses to the same tune, on the subject of MFG, and Corzine:

MFG collapsing, numbers turning red,

Spanish yields are rising, just like pundits said.

Corzine in the south of France, buy him a big Chateau,

Ask him where's the money, he say I don't know.

Congress grilling Corzine, where could the money be?

Johnny he just shake his head, why you asking me?

Some smart fellers checking, looking at the books,

SEC look high and low, trying to find some crooks.

Tracking down the money, asking where it go,

Get to JP Morgan, maybe Jamie know.

Asking Jamie Dimon, where could the money be?

He says in my pocket, now it belong to me.

So Corzine's back in Jersey, hiding behind his gate,

If you're looking for your money, you got a long long wait.