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Despite The Upheaval In The Bond Market, Yield Hunting Shines

Alpha Gen Capital's Yield Hunting marketplace newsletter service is committed to offering their subscribers unparalleled detail and analysis of income-producing securities, primarily outside of equities.

Our portfolio performance has been exceptional with only a slight decline in November despite the massive move in interest rates. The core model strives to offer superior risk-adjusted returns as compared to a pure ETF, mutual fund, or individual stock strategy like simply buying dividend-paying stocks. To us, it is silly to expose yourself to a large amount of equity risk in order to generate yield when the strategy we use offers a higher yield with significantly lower risk.

The Low-Maintenance Portfolio With No Withdrawals

Our main service is providing distribution clients (investors who rely on their portfolios for income) an easy way to generate yields of approximately 8.6% in order to meet their income needs. The objective is to easily create a portfolio of relatively safe securities that you're never forced to sell in order to meet your spending needs.

Our model is low maintenance with little day-to-day, or even week-to-week trading. If we can help you live off just the income of your portfolio, then you'll never have to be in a position to sell shares to meet your spending needs when the market is down. Your portfolio effectively becomes almost endowment-like with a perpetual time horizon allowing you to weather any market environment.

For investors who are not in distribution mode, the opportunity is in producing a solid risk-adjusted return for their portfolios. Income production can then be reinvested opportunistically creating a virtuous cycle of compounded interest.

The service offers subscribers to:

  • Easy to follow Core Model portfolio that currently yields 9%
  • Satellite models that can be tailored for the individuals' risk to increase yields to over 11%. We offer several different models depending on the objective and risk tolerance of the individual.
  • Spreadsheet detailing all recommendations and models, alert dates, and yields.
  • We give readers access to the spreadsheet for their own personal use in tracking their monthly income generation and basis.
  • Monthly newsletter giving in-depth analysis of the current economic environment.
  • Weekly Digest reviewing the week's news, market commentary, and buying opportunities.
  • Bonus small equity ideas that offer up asymmetric returns. These picks this year have returned, on average, over 23%.
  • Very responsive and professional staff that can give personally tailored information.
  • Highly engaging and active chat board alerting members of opportunities real-time.
  • Immediate access to all 547 previously published articles including 56 Seeking Alpha Top Ideas.
  • All five-star reviews with a very high retention rate.

Author is a 20-year veteran of the industry with two masters degrees and a CFA Charter.

  • Two-week RISK-FREE trial with a no-hassle cancellation policy with the click of a button. No calling, waiting, or pressure to remain.
  • Get in now before the price goes up January 1. We plan on instituting a price increase next year. However, current subscribers will be grandfathered in.

Our goal remains the same: offer retail investors access to institutional-level professional help for their portfolios. We manage these same portfolios for high-net worth individuals with a current book of $250 million in assets. This service allows other investors access to the same level of service for a fraction of the price!

Thank You!

Alpha Gen Capital