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[Blog]  Price Increase Coming January 1-  Lock In Now!


Lock in the 2017 rate now and retain it for the life of your subscription.

Still an incredible value- #5 offering on SeekingAlpha and #1 in Retirement Income.

As we close out 2017, We look back on our beginnings in early 2016 and what our goal was:  to find yield in a yieldless world.  And while there are over 150 offerings on SA, we are number 5 for a reason:  we do not sacrifice yield generation for excessive risk.  Some services will try and earn you an extra percentage of yield at any cost- exposing their investors to absurd amounts of risk.  Our portfolio is up to 30% less risky than the S&P 500. 

Yield Hunting: Alternative Income Opportunities is a full-service retirement income offering that is devoted to helping members construct a solid portfolio of high-yielding securities.  We utilize fixed income CEFs, muni's, and baby bonds, among other investment vehicles to generate income while mitigating the risk on the downside from adverse and identifiable risks.  

Do to increased fixed costs, including data services and personnel support, we will be increasing the price of our service for new subscribers only.  All others will be grandfathered in at their current rate for the life of their subscriptions.  

Rates as of January 1, 2018:

Monthly:    $59
Annual:      $525

Keep in mind this is still an overwhelming value as you get access to a top tier wealth and investment advisor.  Elsewhere this type of service would cost 1% or more annually.  

What Yield Hunting offers:

1.) Retirement Income Coaching on Building an Income Stream from your Portfolio

Our team researches the best income producing securities within the closed-end fund, business development companies, and other fixed income opportunities.

Our Core Portfolio is the basis of the service. In terms of volatility, the Core Portfolio sits almost exactly in between the two indices.  However, we think over the next several years we will be able to meet or exceed the S&P 500 index while taking on half (or less) of the risk.

Our Core Portfolio has 1/3 the risk on NAV of the S&P 500 and is more in line with the risk of the Barclays AGG index.  

We also supplement those positions with dividend paying equities in REITs, small caps, and other high-yield stocks.  Our goal is to produce an income stream that can create a high single-digit yield while protecting principal and minimizing risk in an easily replicated portfolio for subscribers.

2.) Our Investment Marketplace Service

On a monthly basis subscribers will receive:

· Monthly Newsletter - outlines our take on the latest market conditions and global news

· Weekly Analysis- takes a detailed macro look at the market as well as a focused analysis on a certain sector 

· Yield Hunting Review - this will take a more macro approach to the market for more long-term

· Spotlight - Multiple write-ups each month on funds, stocks, or bonds where we see specific opportunities

· Alerts - Immediate buy/ sell alerts on securities within the portfolio as conditions warrant

· Coaching on how to identify entry points and certain risks as well as a complimentary cursory review of your portfolio

3.) Opportunistic real-time trade alerts that notify subscribers

We notify subscribers immediately as conditions change within the market. Members will receive communication from us via email alert. This way subscribers don't miss any opportunities or warnings in a fast changing market!

4.) Direct Access 24-7

We directly respond to questions during standard business hours, usually within an hour or two via email or the live chat within Seeking Alpha's platform. This also acts as a forum for subscribers and Alpha Gen Capital analysts to bounce ideas around and discuss opportunities within the market.

5.) Access to My Trades, which is not Displayed Anywhere on Seeking Alpha.

Our portfolio utilizes a core- satellite approach, which can adjust the risk tolerance of the investor as needed. We update our portfolio monthly for updated market conditions and new opportunities.

Who We Are

Lead Wealth Advisor, Chief Investment Strategist, and individual investor with two masters degrees and a CFA designation who has been in the business for over 20 years. Along with our team, we author the Seeking Alpha premium subscription service "YIELD HUNTING: Alternative Income Investing" dedicated to income investors who are searching for yield without the high risk of the equity market. 


We have almost all five star reviews by our Seeking Alpha subscribers! See what they have to say about our unparalleled service!  

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Our Outlook for 2018

As we look ahead to what our service has in store for 2018, we plan on getting more input from our subscribers to tailor the experience to their needs.  We have been soliciting their input and trying to implement as much of their suggestions as we can.  

Yield Hunting: Alternative Income Opportunities For Retirement

Alpha Gen Capital started Yield Hunting in April 2016 with one purpose in mind: to find yield in a yieldless world. While some subscription services will find yield at any cost, we pride ourselves on the fact that our core portfolio can generate a roughly 8% yield while exposing investors to one third the risk of the S&P 500. Our one-year trailing return through the end of November is 20.15%. We utilize fixed income CEFs, dividend paying stocks, munis, BDCs, baby bonds, among other investment vehicles to generate income while mitigating the risk on the downside from adversbe and identifiable risks.  Prices go up Jan. 1, so lock in the current price today. Current members lock in the rate for the life of their membership and never have to worry about a price increase. 

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