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With Markets Near Highs This Is Your Chance To Reduce Risk!



Yield Hunting offers a Do-It-Yourselfers guide to creating an income stream that is safer than traditional dividend investing.

Members have been commenting on the chat how their portfolios have done well on the BIG market drops recently.

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Many investors in the fourth quarter last year were just hoping to get back to even so they could sell or trim back and reduce the risk in their portfolios.  We are now only ~3% off the highs.

Recent large down moves in the equity markets are scaring investors once again.  This is not a surprise as we believe most investors are over-risked in their portfolios given the TINA principle ("There is no alternative").  In the fourth quarter last year, this caught many off-guard.  

Now that we are back to near our all-time highs, it may be prudent for those investors who are risk intolerant to re-position their portfolios.  The yield curve has inverted which is traditionally not a good forward indicator.  September is traditionally the worst month in the markets.  And there is significant geopolitical risks.  

Yield Hunting is a unique income investor service where we focus primarily on debt and preferred stock yield. Most of the debt we purchase is housed in the closed-end fund wrapper, which we think is superior for many reasons. However, they are fairly distinctive structures that require an extra layer (or two) of analysis. The reward for that extra due diligence can be quite compelling.

Check your fixed income portfolio and see what it yields. Our Core Income Portfolio meant to augment your fixed income holdings, currently yields over 8%.


These are high quality investments that are diversified from single-security risk. Many members who flock to our service do so because they are tired of getting smacked in the face by a falling stock price. Yes, the yield on some popular dividend stocks can be juicy but several years worth of income can be wiped out in a single day!

If you want to diversify into safer - yielding securities to augment your dividend portfolios, then Yield Hunting is probably right for you.

However, due to excessive demand and growth, we are raising prices significantly to curb the size of the service. We provide extremely tailored recommendations and in order to maintain the quality we desire, we want to limit the capacity.

As of September 15th, PRICES WILL GO UP!


Our member community is fairly uniquely focused primarily on constructing portfolios geared towards income. The Core Income Portfolio currently yields over 8% comprised of closed-end funds. If you are interested in learning about closed-end funds and want guidance on generating income, check out our service today. We also have expert guidance on individual preferred stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds.

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Our Investment Philosophy

Core Portfolio- Our investment philosophy aims to have a Core Portfolio that generates income and gives us a 8%+ total return. We have achieved a return about 350 bps in excess of that over the last four years. We think the risk-return is more favorable on the fixed income side than on the equity, especially after the volatility of recent weeks. Our risk profile is up to 1/3 the risk of the S&P 500!

Peripheral Portfolio- This is aimed at diversifying the Core Portfolio by investing in equity REITs, preferred stocks, exchange traded baby bonds, and other structures including high dividend paying stocks. While our service is aimed primarily at late stage career and retired investors, the strategy can also be used to lower risk by augmenting traditional equity investing via open-end mutual funds or ETFs.

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Our Subscription Service Provides:

  • Investment Models- Using Google Sheets, our models update in real time all the information you need with clear indicators for when to buy, sell, or hold.
    • The Core Portfolio- Holds 16 high yielding Closed-End Funds with a 8%+ yield and a portfolio beta much less risky than the S&P 500.
    • Our Peripheral Portfolio - A collection of CEF investments across sectors such as Equities, REITs, MLPs, Technology, International, and Fixed Income, as well as a large selection of Open Ended Funds.
    • The Muni Portfolio - Our comprehensive list of Muni's.
    • We also include Low Maintenance Portfolios for those that need a little bit of extra hand holding...

  • Monthly Newsletters- Details the current investing environment, global news that can affect your portfolio, portfolio construction techniques and advice, and a review of the performance of our model portfolios.
  • Weekly Updates- Goes through the events of the week and things to watch for in the upcoming week. This also includes performance for our holdings, changes in the portfolio, new opportunities for investing, and the effects the current market situation will have on them.
  • Fund Analysis- Spotlight focus on investments we find particularly interesting with analysis from industry experts on opportunities we see in the CEF, REIT, Muni, and High Dividend Equity space.
  • 24/7 Access- Via our chat during market with our vibrant community of like-minded investors or privately one-on-one with Yield Hunting directly, you always have someone to answer your questions!
  • Our Portfolio Tracker- This is our proprietary Portfolio Tracker that can be used in Google Sheets for free!
  • Retirement- Our ongoing series dedicated to helping retirees and those approaching retirement navigate the many issues they face.
  • ... and much more!

We believe if you give our strategy a try, you will not be disappointed.

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