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Radio Free Wall Street- Catastrophic Implications of US and Japan Money Pumping and Debt

Lee Adler, Russ Winter, and Aaron Krowne had lots to talk about in this week's Radio Free Wall Street podcast and as usual the discussions were free wheeling, brutally honest, and entertaining.

Here’s what we covered in Part 1, free to all visitors (36 minutes):

The implications of massive Bank of Japan money printing
  • 47% of mortgages are now effectively under water
  • Why the housing “double dip” is essentially an extension of the same downtrend
  • The Treasury’s planned MBS sales may give the banks another windfall and will still leave the taxpayer on the hook for currently unrealized losses
  • The Social Security Disability Fund is insolvent and Social Security is already broke
  • The implications of likely long term Middle East Instability on “video gamer” money managers

Covered in Part 2, for Radio Free Wall Street subscribers only:

  • Problems in China mean more US inflation coming
  • The real US inflation rate is 7%
  • China’s housing bubble has popped. Get ready for crash
  • Bloomberg’s Buying Climate Index Plummets signaling growing inflation worries
  • German parliament won’t play ball in bailouts
  • Little difference between US and peripheral European states
  • How the Fed and Treasury are manipulating the market this week and next
  • Corporate profits are crashing and banks will show big losses in first quarter

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