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Axion Power Concentrator 178, Nov. 21: John Petersen's Axion History & Prospects; Q3 '12 Rpt; SAE Truck APU App; Rosewater & Queens Univ. Partner On Distributed Energy Study; 13th ELBC: Axion's "Operational Stability Of PbC Batteries And Battery Systems"

|Includes: Axion Power International, Inc. (AXPW)

On 11/18 John Petersen published "Axion Power - A Battery Manufacturer Charging Forward" on It was also, unusually, published by SA. It's an excellent summation of Axion Power International's past trials, tribulations, successes and prospects going forward. Highly recommended, especially if you are new to Axion's story.

On 11/14/2012 Axion filed their quarterly report and put a news item on their web site that summarizes management's comments and provides a link to the conference call (available for 90 days and worth hearing). On 11/15/2012 Seeking Alpha published a transcript of the conference call.

Due to an apparent slowdown of the Edgar system, the quarterly report was deemed not filed on time, which Tom Granville mentioned at the start of the conference call. They have filed an exculpatory report of that incident.

John Petersen was able to obtain and post a copy of Axion's SAE 10/2/2012 Truck APU Application power-point presentation. Many thanks to him for his continued contributions. We see even more cycles applied to the (apparently modified?) PbC # 2 in their testing, showing even greater capability.

On 11/11/2012 there was an announcement that RoseWater joins Queen's University on Energy Storage Study "... to conduct a study to evaluate the impact of a widely-distributed energy storage system backed by RoseWater's Residential Energy Storage Hub on an electrical grid". "... The results of the study, which is already underway, will greatly benefit all companies and individuals involved in energy supply, distribution and consumption, including policy makers, regulators, electric utilities, and storage systems manufacturers". Other information makes it worth a read. Look under the November 2012 releases if you come late to the party.

John Petersen's participation as a presenter at the 13th European Lead Battery Conference, ELBC, has provided additional benefits: he has posted, a brief instablog that identifies slides with information and data he'd not seen before and considers important in Axion's presentation, "Axion PbC Lead-Carbon Hybrid Battery/Supercapacitor ,Operational Stability of PbC Batteries and Battery Systems", to which he has provided a link.

John did a bang-up job on his presentation, in our opinion, and has graciously permitted us to link to a SlideRocket Version of his presentation. It is highly recommended that you take the time, around 20 minutes, to view this if you've not seen it. It is not focused on Axion, but presents some opportunities and challenges facing the LA battery industry at-large.

John Petersen has provided price and volume charts updated through 11/9/2012.

AXPW Weighted Moving Average Price 20121109
AXPW Moving Average Volume 20121109

John's Petersen's tracking of the APC comment activity has been updated through 11/17/2012. Up to 35.4K comments now.

APC Concentrator Comments 20121117

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