Axion Power Concentrator 281: Nov. 07 '13: Axion & Norfolk Southern At ASME Rail Conference; John Petersen Joins EPower

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NEW! Thanks to John Petersen for providing a three-page PDF with just an article on ePower and Axion extracted from the online edition of The Trucker.

Update Report On Hybrid Norfolk Southern Switcher Locomotive To Be Presented At 7th Annual ASME Rail Conference

ePower Hires Executive Vice President

Axion Power's Potential For Explosive Growth

REPLACED! Links related to the Q2 (and some older) results reporting, the 9/2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Private Investment Public Equity (PIPE) financing (several links), and FocalPoint Analytics' important comment on Axion Power's recent Financing Transaction can be found in the header of Axion Power Concentrator 280: Nov. 01 '13


Understanding The Mechanics And Incentives In Axion Power's PIPE

CORRECTED: Axion Power: Is There Light At The End Of The PIPE?

Axion Power Announces Resignation Of Chief Financial Officer Charles R. Trego; Will Be Nominated To Serve On Board

Axion Power Receives Additional Purchase Order From EPower Engine Systems To Supply PbC® Batteries And Battery Management Systems For (10) Class 8 Heavy-Duty Trucks --

The purchase order is an extension of the existing agreement between Axion and ePower and further validates the performance of the PbC batteries in this hybrid application. At ePower's current specifications, each conversion kit System would require 56 PbC batteries and the PbC battery management system (BMS). Axion values each truck conversion battery order at in excess of $20,000.00.


Axion Power Receives Order To Supply Class 8 Truck Battery Strings For ePower


DELETED! Q1 reporting related, PIPE anouncement, Axion on panel at energy storage conference and Q4 and EOY results-related can be found in the header of Axion Power Concentrator 280: Nov. 01 '13


Axion Power Completes New Continuous Roll Carbon Sheeting Process


Axion Power and EPower Engine Systems Inaugurate Strategic Alliance Using PbC Batteries in Hybrid Drivetrains for Class 8 Trucks


Dr. Ed Buiel, Axion's CTO until the end of 2010 -- A link to an archive of his comments on yadoodle about the PbC battery and much more. Invaluable commentary! Thanks to 481086 for putting the list together.

Axion Power PbC Batteries Continue To Demonstrate Effectiveness For Railroad Applications -- Axion completed shipping its high-performance PbC batteries to Norfolk Southern Corp. (NSC), one of North America's leading transportation providers, for use in Norfolk Southern's first all electric locomotive - the NS-999.

"ePower's Series Hybrid Electric Drive - Unmatched Fuel Economy for Heavy Trucks" -- by John Petersen. Discusses the potential fuel savings for ePower's Hybrid electric drive for class 8 trucks using Axion's PbC batteries.

"Axion Power - A Battery Manufacturer Charging Forward" -- by John Petersen. This is an excellent summation on Axion Power's history. It is a good starting point for introducing Axion Power to friends and family.

Axion Power Weighted Moving Average Prices and Volume:

10/19 comment: Not much to say about the graphs this week except:

1. My 10-day average has turned up while the 20-day is flattening nicely.
2. Volume is sky high and we've traded more shares in October than we did in 2010. Unless the PIPErs have been keeping stock on the side for the last few months, there's a good chance that they'll run out within the next few days and give everybody a little breathing room.
3. The FINRA short values seem to be normalizing in the mid-30% range I'd expect with the PIPErs out there hammering stock into the market every day.

(through 11/06/2013)

11.6.13 AXPW Price

11.6.13 AXPW Volume

Axion Power Market Cap, Share Count and 200-day Volume:

Link to JP's write-up on this graph in the header of APC #248 --

(as of 10/27/2013)

10.27.13 AXPW Mkt Cap


Monthly Volume and FINRA Short Percentage

(updated through 11/06/2013)

11.6.13 AXPW Finra

Axion Power Concentrator Comments Statistics:

(updated through 10/19/2013)

10.19.13 APC Comment


Links to important Axion Power research and websites:

The Axion Power Concentrator Web Sites, created by APC commentator Bangwhiz. It is a complete easy-to-use online archive of all the information contained in the entire Axion Power Concentrator series from day one, including reports, articles, comments and posted links.

Axion Power Wikispaces Web Site, created by APC commentator WDD. It is an excellent ongoing notebook aggregation of Axion Power facts.

Axion Power Website. The first place any prospective investor should go and thoroughly explore with all SEC filings and investor presentations as well as past and present Press Releases.

Axion Power Intra day Statistics Tracking: (new edition 10/1/2013) HTL tracks and charts AXPW's intra-day statistics.

PbC Cost Estimating Spreadsheet and Instablog: Apmarshall62 put together an instablog for estimating costs of the PbC. It includes a downloadable spreadsheet that you can use to plug in your own cost estimations.
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Disclosure: I am long OTC:AXPW.

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