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Axion Power Concentrator 86: Beginning April 4, 2012 Chart For Weighted Moving Average Price And Volume

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Axion Power's Weighted Moving Average Price and Volume: by John Petersen

Last September I wrote an Instablog on my favorite charting method, which ignores day-to-day fluctuations in prices and volumes but tracks the longer term moving averages that I think offer a better view of what's going on in the market. Since it's been a while since I shared the charts I've prepared an updated version through Tuesday's close.

The top set of lines are the 10-, 20-, 50- and 200-day moving average closing prices as measured on the left axis. The bottom set of lines are the 10- and 200-day moving average volumes as measured on the right axis.

What I'm seeing in the price lines is a tightening range between the 10- and 20-day moving averages which are both about $0.40 and the 200-day average of $.47. With today's close at $0.45 we're at the 50-day average and I think we may be seeing a break to the upside like we had in February of 2011. The big supply and demand difference I see this time around is that there don't appear to be any big holders who are anxious to liquidate. So if a run starts, I don't see anybody with enough shares in their portfolio to crush the run and turn it around.

What I'm seeing in the bottom lines is a clear reversal of the 10-day average volume to the upside. The volume trough we went through recently was a little shallower than the October-November trough of last year, but not much shallower. The 10-day volume is almost back to the 200-day average and volume trends that start below the 200-day and penetrate up seem to have a lot more strength than volume trends that penetrate down through the 200-day average.
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Thanks to John Petersen for providing the summary and chart.

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