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Axion Power Concentrator 114: June 14, 2012: Axion Confirms 2012 Annual Meeting Of Stockholders

|Includes: Axion Power International, Inc. (AXPW)

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Axion Confirms 2012 Annual Meeting of Shareholders


Bottom Feeder's Alert: provided by JP

I've recently learned that 2 million shares that were held by the Mega-C Shareholders Trust are being turned over to the Bankruptcy Trustee.

The Court Order requiring the turnover of the shares was signed on June 1st. -

I expect the Bankruptcy Trustee to start selling as soon as the shares are deposited to his account.

I don't expect him to be gentle and there will probably be some pushing and shoving around the pay window until the shares are sold.

I will not be surprised if the Bankruptcy Trustee's selling puts unexpected downward pressure on the stock price. Since the order requires the shares to be delivered to the Bankruptcy Trustee's brokerage account, I do not expect the sales to show up in HTL's short tracking data.

I have not heard back from my contacts who are trying to find out how many shares remain in the hands of other willing sellers, but I expect the Bankruptcy Trustee to create a great short-term opportunity for bottom feeders who understand where the shares are coming from and why.

It's not often that individuals get advance notice of an opportunity to buy stock in a bankruptcy sale. Happy hunting.


Axion Power's Weighted Moving Average Price and Volume:

(updated June 10th)

Concentrator Comments: 20,000 comments surpassed on June 1st!

(updated June 10th)


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