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Initial Insights On WeWork S-1

|About: WeWork (WE)

Huge Losses.

Cash Burning Machine.

Massive Pile of Liabilities.

WeWork (WE) released its S-1 to the public today after the initial period of confidentiality. Here are a few preliminary insights and data points I gathered after reading through the filing earlier:

1. 1. No big surprises. Company's burn rate is phenomenal. SG&A increases in ~100% a year and net loss follows;

2. Revenues are $1.5B in 1H 2019 with ~$1.4B op. loss and $1B net loss;

3. location count increased 5x between 2016 and Q2 2019, from 111 locations in 34 cities in 2016 to 528 locations in 111 cities in Q2 2019;

4. Average company's lease length is 15 years and has lease obligations of $47.2B as of the end of Q2 2019.

5. Company offers class A with single vote right and keeps class B and C with 20 votes right.

6. Company claims a TAM of $1.7T goes up to $3T.

7. Company argues to reach breakeven in every location within 12 months.

8. Company refers to itself as a Space-as-a-Service company, not a real estate firm.

For conclusion, I didn't see any big surprises in the S-1. To me the biggest problem with WeWork is the embedded duration gap between company's leases and tenants rents that could bring it down in an economic slowdown. I elaborated more on this risk in my blog post from 2 months ago:

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