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The Glass Ceiling In Trading

New traders typically hit the proverbial "glass ceiling" by failing to overcome their hang-ups with regards to one of more of three distinct functional areas: mindset, method, and money.


A proper trading mindset can be defined as the ability to carry out a predetermined plan that runs counter to your own emotions and experiences. Another way of saying that is you do what you are supposed to do when the market tells you to do it.

Poor trader mindset would be having no viable plan, or allowing emotions to cause deviation from the plan. A proper mindset follows sensible rules based on the environment, not individualism.

Good trader mindset also means focusing on how the markets move through time, and not why markets do what they do. You do not need to master economics and current events to be a productive trader. The vast majority of traders in training spend too much time and energy trying to decipher why the markets do what they do, rather than understanding how the market moves through time.

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