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Trading Chaos

There is no better luxury when it comes to investing and trading then having access to a mentor. This realization hit home for me after being in touch with my own mentor Bill Williams, author of Trading Chaos, regarding the current markets. Bill is one of the smartest people I know along with being the best trader/investor I know. It was Bill's patience and teachings which convinced me that markets are fractal in nature, which is a priceless realization. Fractal nature means that if something is true about a dynamic system on one level, then it must be true on all levels. That, coupled with what Bill taught regarding human behavior, i.e.: we let our emotions lead us, led me to Risk Tolerance Threshold Theory.

Bill and I have kept in touch over the years via e-mails and the occasional phone call, but it was only over the past couple of months that he started telling me he liked gold on the long side again. And like so many times in the past he was right. What is so special about Bill is that his method, while structured, allows enough room for his intuition - he has been trading for 50 years. He also is as good as anybody at letting a profit run.

I for one am very glad to have Bill as a friend and will not hesitate to seek his advice every chance I get.

Thanks Bill!

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