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Modified Misery Index, Oil Exports at Risk

**An excerpt from the Bloomberg Brief {BRIEF <GO>} or

As unrest persists in the Middle East, home together with Africa to nearly 60 percent of the world’s crude oil exports in 2009, the price of oil has spiked. The map highlights a Bloomberg Brief modified misery index of Middle Eastern and Northern African countries alongside the size of their crude oil exports, shown with black bars. Saudi Arabia had the most crude exports in the region in 2009, averaging 6,345 thousand barrels a day.

The modified misery index adds each country’s youth unemployment rate, annual inflation and the number 10 — the score for a perfect democracy — and subtracts the Economist Intelligence Unit’s democracy index score. Bahrain, not shown on the map, has a modified misery score of 29.7 and, as of 2007, average refined petroleum exports of 240,000 barrels per day.