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Penny Stock Company Comparision, By SuperSmartStocks

|Includes: Alphabet, Inc. Cl C (GOOG)

Penny Stock Parlay -

Penny Stock Parlay is a leading investor relations and investor awareness consulting company. We provide both private and publicly traded companies with investor awareness solutions and marketing strategies to generate corporate awareness through out the financial community. The company offers an undiscovered way to pick stocks. Specializing in giving their subscribers winning picks BACK to BACK.

Recent Available Winners:

UTRM had a gain of 169%

OPCN had a gain of 126%

CGCA had a gain of

LVCA had a gain of 108%

CNWI had a gain of 248%

EMGE had a gain of 282%

CTIC had a gain of 2400%


OTCmagic -

OTCMAGIC is an newsletter that reports on anything that is hot and happening in the world of penny stocks and gives ocassionally massive stock picks and huge winner to its subscribers. The company was funded in 2010.

Recent Available Winners:

PEII had a gain of 1000% 2 days

BYSD had a gain of 420% 3 days

CBIS had a gain of 825%

LEXG had a gain of 1,100%

CCWF had a gain of 275%

DDCC had a gain of 210%

CBIS had a gain of 850%


The Bull Exchange -

The Bull Exchange (also known as TBX) is a financial and investor-relations website that specializes in the microcap stock market. Known as your inside investor's guide, TBX works to profile up and coming businesses, share current and up-to-date news, and offers free newsletters so traders can make the most informed.

Recent Available Winners:

ECIT - TBX had a gain of 1073%

AGRT - had a gain of +300% - on two occasions.

LVVV - had a gain of +357%

YFRM - had a gain of +450%

REVI - had a gain of +529%


Awesome Penny Stocks -

Awesome Penny Stocks is a company that delivers new penny stock picks directly to your email inbox on a regular basis. They constantly scan this volatile shares market for winning investments and send at least one major mover every month.

Recent Available Winners:

SWVI alerted at 25 cents then reached 1.00$ for gains of over 400%.

FNMA alerted at 40 cents then reached 5.00$ for gains of over 1250%.

LOTE alerted at 1.00$ then reached 22.00$ for gains of over 2000%.


The Bull Report - is an online financial destination where money managers, analysts, and individual investors can converge to discover new penny stocks, opportunities, and ideas. is focused on finding emerging growth penny stocks that do not necessarily have widespread analyst coverage on Wall Street.

Recent Available Winners:

CPMCF had a gain of 1520%

CYPW had a gain of 1520%

SMCE had a gain of 200% -

AENY had a gain of 173%

CGCA had a gain of 207%

OMCY had a gain of 300%

LMCO had a gain of 230%

UEC had a gain of 160%

ALTO had a gain of 1520%

ACTC had a gain of 150%

UOMO had a gain of 378%

GRYO had a gain of 72%

LYJN had a gain of 2500%

MDCE had a gain of 250%

TTNP had a gain of 3000%

NXTH had a gain of 100%


Hot Penny Stocks Finder -

Company giving news and updates on stocks. Play the roll of a guide for top stocks in the market.

Recent Available Stats:


Stockmister - is a web service provided by Micro-Cap Consultants LLC. is a market and commodoties news and marketing web service, providing investing news, business news, headline news, news alerts, personal finance, stock market, and press releases.

Recent Available Winners:

Not available


Hot Stocked -

The company has been in business since 2007, located in Bulgaria. They publish news, research, message boards, and an e-mail database. Their website is primarily related to the micro-cap markets in the United States and Canada.

Recent Available Winners:

No Available

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.