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Jun. 02, 2013 7:16 PM ETINTC, AMD, ARMH, QCOM, DELL-OLD, HPQ
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Yeah, it is free enterprise!! Can we go way too far on this ? Is Earth dying before our own eyes ? Does quality of life really matter? Do we understand it or what? What is God all about ? Do smokers really have the right to blow smoke into our faces on streets? Should we put them back indoors so we can have the outdoors back to ourselves?

Yes, we had been witnessing the massive exodus toward smartphones away from PCs and laptops to the perils of HP, Dell, Levono, AMD, Intel, other white breadbox vendors! It took my breath away, Wheeew!

Then Intel is coming up with ever more powerful Atom chips that will be also shrunk in die all way to 10nm transistors. Currently, Intel is moving toward 22nm or ( 22/1,000,000,000TH meter TINY) Very tiny cute power sipping transistors all packed inside the size of a fair lady's fingernail!

So those fabulous new power sipping yet more powerful Atom chips is being hailed as a massive bullhead attacking against the castle of ARM Holdings or Qualcomm that is now found in virtually all of your smartphones. Heh, what moat ? No alligator want to live in that moat, anyway. Easy stepping stones to cross on way to burst open the massive gates!

ARM chips are really very simply designed architectures that is comparable to a town with streets named A , B, C to Z and cross streets beginning with Main, then Second, Third all way to 227th Street like seen in NYC. I am just kidding - sort of!. Anyway, Intel makes much different chips (Atom) based on X86 architectures that probably resembles overhead highways and interchanges like you see in major cities plus streets and mazes of subways under feet . Did I forget to mention the plumbing, electricity cables, what nots! This is power and performance we are talking about, right?

Well, Intel was simply caught flatfooted as we drifted toward smartphones away from PCs and laptops with lousy battery life not to mention printers, 7.1 PC speaker systems, power chugging yet dimlit LCD screens (in broad daylight), what else? Oh our favorite mousses! and keyboards in tow. Also external disk drives with heavy transformers and USB cables intertwining all over . We can easily get choked with all those crazy cables, huh?

After musing over months if not years, I think I finally get it! for one, I still flatly refuse to conclude that the era of PC is dead at all!

Here is my reasoning.... It is interesting to note that the historic migration toward smartphones away from PCs began about the same time Al Gore came up with his "Inconvenient Truth" movie sequel. Was there a second sequel, I cannot remember. Yeah , Global climate change!

As you probably already know that PCs are really energy hogs! I mean PCs had been on an energy diet all along, but this was still not good enough for us. You see, smartphones consumes a very tiny fraction of energy that PCs consumes. As Intel or AMD (still alive and kicking!) was caught flatfooted because Intel was still dishing power guzzling chips so hot they can scald your fingertips if you dare to open your desktop case and touch the chip with the loud fan hugging on it removed. (Dont try this at home!)

Intel saw the writing on the wall..."Intel, you are dead, dude!" Or, "you aint got Dell, dude!" either way! LOL!

So Intel obviously turned to its lowest rung chip known as Celeron not Centrino, mind you! Celeron is the slowest poke that came out of Intel fabs. Intel relabeled it as Atom about a few years ago, I believe.

Yet , those Celerons that Intel churned out by zillions in bid to bury AMD that went on sale for years after the last celeron chip was produced. There was secret warehouses that store Celerons like we still do with aluminum that get customers like Coca-Cola or GE seething like mad or cranky latelyl.

Celerons is all gone now, but with relabeled Celerons as Atoms now, Intel set out to work shrinking Atom/celeron chips in a hurried bid to catch up with the wildly successful ARM chips that went in the early smartphones that thrilled the billions of Earthlings as they savored the newfound freedom of carrying a PC in their pockets..

Of course, those ARM chips are so lame or wimpy that smartphones is actually mobile "DOS" based smartphone equivalents. Do you remember what MS-DOS was like 30 years ago. This is where smartphones are now.. because smartphones are so small in screen real estate, it is pointless to have a beefy Windows 7 like OS installed in them! Get it?

So Intel recently and finally announced the latest Atom chips that is using as little power as the most powerful ARMs found in the most expensive smartphones, yet are more than twice as powerful. Intel is now becoming a real threatening camel that insists on entering the tent with the smelly nose first! Soon enough, the Intel camel will get more confident and start thrashing INSIDE the tent (smartphone).

Intel will continue to introduce ever more powerful smartphone chips in the coming months if not years to come with ever shrinking transistors crammed in the chips.

I can keep going on... I got to finish eating my cold boiled eggs now.

See ya later,dude!

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