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Advice To Rooftop Solar Installers

|Includes: FSLR, RGSE, SPWR, Tesla Motors (TSLA)

If I am installing rooftop solar panels for a living, I would look for the biggest roofs first. I would not bother with answering phone calls coming from homeowners seeking only 3 kilowatt installations because it is a waste of my time and manpower . I would instead make phone calls to government office complex, shopping mall owners, motel owners, schools, university campuses, warehouse owners, medical professional centers, hospitals, big box stores, strip mall owners, apartment complex owners, city halls, even aluminum smelters .

Now this is the sweetest spot in the solar business next to large scale farm sized installations that is being handled by the big boys like First Solar and Sunpower. They will start having trouble finding more thousands of acres to slap millions of solar panels before too long. Sure, they are the lowest cost solar installers by far at about $2 per watt or so.

Rooftop installers cannot match those big boys, but the opportunities is vastly bigger than the big boys'. I don't understand why we have to bother with answering phone calls for only a puny 3 kilowatt rooftop installations while we can instead concentrate on much bigger ones with at least 50 kilowatt installations or bigger. There is thousands if not hundreds of thousands locations that can be installed in America not to mention the rest of the world.

Anything smaller can be done as off grid installations that can be used to power household appliances. Homeowners can string along a new special power line to hook up to their appliances that share the new powerline somehow without having to fuss with selling back power to the utilities. It is not worth the trouble when it comes with smaller installations like 3 kilowatts which can only pay you up to 50 cents a hour in the best of conditions when it is sunny .

Just don't waste your time answering phone calls to homeowners.

Disclosure: I am long SCTY.