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Intel Versus AMD ? Still Alive If Consumers Still Cares!

|Includes: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD), ARMH, INTC

The real problem lies chiefly on consumers who wonder whether they will get same performance with AMD chips based on their normal uses as with Intel's , but elect to buy Intel chips at higher prices just to play it safe often at insistence of their peer users who might own Intel stock themselves. This is what probably damages AMD pricing power. AMD are forced to lower prices in order to gain market share which probably makes their chips seem even more inferior to Intel's due to prices. If you read computer advertisements , you tend to notice that AMD inside computers are usually lower than Intel inside computers. Consumers have no way of measuring their performance requirements to find out if AMD inside computers will suffice or not. Benchmark tests is not a real good way to find out. There is a need for an free app that consumers can download and install to monitor their everyday operations and tell consumers what they basically need at minimum. Consumers are already confused with the jargon of computer parts everywhere. They need help to keep score of their everyday operations . The scores can be used to help consumers determine which chips they really need. This should help with AMD's pricing power as computer manufacturers will see shifts in purchase patterns.. Windows 7 and Vista has what is called Windows Experience Index (WPI) to give users scores on their installed RAM, hard disk and CPU / GPU to find out where the performance bottlenecks are. This is a nice feature but it does nothing to suggest anything more and it is rather vague. Most consumers do not speak techno whatsoever, but they would appreciate help to identify what they really need to save money or pick right products. Chances are that 90% of consumers bought Intel chips needlessly due to excess performance that lies fallow all the times, anyway.