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Those @#*!! Cowardly Selfish Investors!

|Includes: Alcoa, Inc. (AA), AMD, BTU

I wish I can stick a donkey tail on the rear ends of all those what I call cowardly selfish investors. As you know that people does come from all walks of life and they have their own views of the world. How I would love to be able to pick any of them and ask intriguing questions and see how they answer about things in our world and economy as well.

These days, our democracy is increasingly shaped by money as if rocks is being smoothed by eons of repeated waves from the sea. Decisions are made and changed or shove down the throats of people in the name of democracy and capitalism.

Not long ago, politics were far more malleable than now because resources like water, energy, materials, ideas were so plentiful and amendable than today. Today, we still continue to think that way despite repeated shocks like shortages, environmentalism, health and safety, immoralities, among many others. New ideas are hard to come by while old ideas are stuck in as well as kept sure to stay in. Powerful entrenchments by politics, finances, inertias,etc are slowly becoming petrified like the petrified forest itself.

Does this mean a decline of mass ignorance or a stability of mass happiness? Does democracy still work without regular doses of healthy changes little by little over the times? Are more and more of us behaving like spellbound zombies trolling about under constant bombardments of communications that contains very little value in them like overly watered down soup that we cannot live on as well beings?

I am sure that many people have similar views but it seems to me that they are unable to articulate clearly enough to effect necessary and healthy changes . Any self served changes are easily foiled so it is very difficult to articulate changes that is fundamentally fair to all people in question. Facts has to be presented and be able to withstand democratic scrutiny by the people in order to pass muster. This is a very difficult thing to carry out.

Are we giving up on democracy already?