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Coal VS Firewood... Which One Is Losing?

|Includes: Peabody Energy Corp. (BTU)

Here below at the bottom paragraph is a excerption from one of the gung-ho coal articles which I made as a comment recently.

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"I wish there is a way to trade firewood as any of you readers very well know that it is very popular everywhere. Despite the air pollution associated with firewood smoke, EPA is looking the other way . What is more ... firewood fetches far more dollars per ton than anything else . People are dying from smoke inhalation even outdoors in the neighborhoods, hamlets, campsites, etc from a long list of ailments that is caused or triggered by willful smoke inhalation. Firewood is a big boon to the health industry, I think. I would be the first in line to buy shares in any firewood IPO. I hate firewood , though. When it comes to profit opportunity, I don't care! Actually, I would prefer that firewood be banned because this will be another boon to coal mining. If any of you readers still think that we can have both coal and firewood, I think you ought to have your mind examined. Get mental! "