Do We Really Need Tesla Cars So Desperately?

Aug. 19, 2013 11:43 AM ETTSLA
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Yeah, it is free enterprise!! Can we go way too far on this ? Is Earth dying before our own eyes ? Does quality of life really matter? Do we understand it or what? What is God all about ? Do smokers really have the right to blow smoke into our faces on streets? Should we put them back indoors so we can have the outdoors back to ourselves?

Honestly .... I believe that ICE automobiles is on way out for good. I am not excited about NG powered automobiles because its exhaust sometimes reeks like ammonia or something which is not pleasant to breath from behind. Take public buses that runs on NG , you get the idea, do you ? Do you have dull smelling?

Anyway, I am thrilled to see competitors coming up with their own EVs and their battery ranges are what I believe is good enough for everyone except drug runners that may need enough range to run from the authorities.

Healthwisely speaking, it is not healthy to sit and drive for long stretches without stopping and getting out for a momentous stretch and fresh air at rest stops or shops, whatever. I would say that 80 miles is long enough or far enough without stretching oneself off.

Tesla offers luxury equivalents of EVs not econobox variety by any stretch. Tesla is up against those known premium brands from Europe as well as Japan and our Cadillac's if you must wonder about here. I don't forget Lincolns, sorry.

So Tesla probably is not out to dominate the EV industry as Tesla as comparable as Apple is probably content to have the icing off the EV market in general. Tesla is welcoming EV competitors from everywhere . I don't think Tesla is eager to license out its battery/powertrain technology to competitors , whatsoever.

I would be surprised if Tesla manages to produce over 100K EVs annually in a short order, never mind 500K. I don't think that Tesla will wow the lesser crowds with its Gen III models now in development because they will be likely to come up with much smaller battery ranges than the S or X models that is available today.

Battery technologies is moving fast so it is a good chance that competitors will come up with more affordable battery range that will neutralize most if not all of Tesla's edge in the coming few years. the

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