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KIck First Solar Out Of Clean Energy Tax Credit Program Now!

|Includes: First Solar, Inc. (FSLR)

This is a reposting of same comment I post in recent First Solar earning article .

I don't understand why First Solar continue to deserve to obtain federal tax credits for such low efficiency solar panels it manufactures. First Solar is able to be the lowest cost per watt leader simply because of far lower efficiency quality of solar panels which in turn will require far more space to site. First Solar 's CD Te material used in solar panels is toxic and it is not widely used on rooftops close to residents for obvious health reasons. First Solar can only boasts around 13-14% efficiency while the competitors using polycrystalline or monocrystalline silicon boasts close to 20% or higher. the competitors are not much higher in price per watt anymore. The gap is closing quickly. First Solar should be disqualified from any further solar tax credits. First Solar is liked only by land speculators who only seek to grab as much land at maximum as possible for future sales at higher values 20 years later. They are very likely to remove First Solar's panels for mandated recycling before selling the land. Utilities using First Solar's inferior panels has multiple reasons for doing so. Utilities do not want to cannibalize its other power generation plants with higher efficient solar panels so utilities chose First Solar to water down the competitive edge of solar energy. The other reason is that utilities probably also function as REITs that seek to purchase land for real estate developments in the long run while pocketing federal solar tax credits all along. Utilities are in effect limiting the maximum potential output of solar energy with First Solar's inferior panels by 50% or worse. Our economy needs more solar watts to help offset scarce fossil fuels or hydropower as well as nuclear power in order to grow but utilities chose First Solar in order to create future artificial effects of power shortages much sooner as our economy grows in the coming years.. I urge the Federal Government to disqualify First Solar.. I understand that First Solar has every right to manufacture low efficient panels to anyone who is interested in buying as long as no federal tax credits is involved.. Look at EnergySmart Program, it lists certain energy saving appliances by model number or serial number specifically that can qualify for tax credits. Not all appliances qualify so First Solar should not qualify at all!