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Intangible Investing

i am sure that most of you if not all of you are familiar with the term "intangible" as in assets and things like goodwill as such, right? Well, I can add that intangible can be defined as something so illiquid that you cannot squeeze a red cent out of it yourself.. no matter how hard you try... Yet, intangible assets are often valuable assets that is not as valued by investors in general as if they are such wastes of space and time that are hard to get rid of so to make things prettier .. in number that is.

Anyway, intangible assets may be similar to the so called "dark matter" in the universe that astronomers suspect actually takes up a good chunk of the universe itself.. We cannot imagine what it will be like without the "dark matter" floating out there.. Our universe might implode , perhaps..

You can use the same analogy here during investing around Wall Street. We are probably too focused toward tangible goodies. and cast away the intangibles.. Intangibles pay no dividend, offer no capital gains, just a pain in you know where or in the corner office.. no one like intangibles but had no choice but to put down guessed values on balance sheets and head for the rush hour traffic after work.

Mark Twain might forget to add intangibles as among the certainties as with taxes and death.. Intangibles offer countless benefits to our economy with costs always borne by stakeholders .. Stakeholders has to start appreciating that they have to help our economy and more importantly ourselves one way or another rather than sitting in same church chorus signing " what is in it for us ? "

This is my introductory article. I plan to write more articles on the outside of investing that benefit our economy. I will take you to different vantage of points about investing .. never explained before .

Thanks for reading!

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