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‘Final Days’ Health Spending Expands as Insurance Coverage and Wealth Allows

In a recent study it was found that, not surprisingly, actual health care expenditures skyrocketed for all groups but were especially high for those with good health insurance and/or personal financial resources.
Those with poor insurance coverage and lacking wealth received much less treatment (in terms of cost) than either the wealthy or the average dying patient.
This suggests that medical providers are prone to advise marginally effective procedures (all these patients ended up dying within the treatment year) simply because the patient ‘could afford’ to pay for the services.
As we move towards Obama Care expect much less end-of-life care as the cost- benefit ratio will fail to withstand scrutiny in a cost cutting environment. From a societal viewpoint this makes sense. When it happens to your own family member you may not be too pleased with it.
Dr. Paul Price

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