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Sunday Briefing on March 7

Greece is still in crisis, and deal flow may be returning to the market. Here is a recap of last week, and a preview of the market moving events for next week.

Market moving events next week:

Monday March 8: H&R Block, Sasol, Starwood Property Trust, and Tivo release earnings.
Tuesday March 9: Audi AG, Bank of Nova Scotia, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inmarsat, J. Crew, Jamba Juice, Liberty International, Neiman Marcus, Prudential PLC, and Kroger release earnings.
Wednesday March 10: Wholesale Trade report released. Treasury Budget released. American Eagle, Gymboree, Men’s Wearhouse, and Vail Resorts release earnings.
Thursday March 11: International Trade, and Jobless Claims reports released. Aeropostale, IDT Corporation, National Semiconductor, Quiksilver, The Buckle, Volkswagen AG, and Zumiez release earnings.
Friday March 12: Retail Sales, Consumer Sentiment, and Business Inventories reports released. AnnTaylor Stores, and Kirkland’s Inc release earnings.


The theme this week will be the American consumer. This week will have a significant number of earnings releases for retail stores, and Friday will have the Retail Sales report and Consumer Sentiment report. Also pay attention to the continuing troubles in Greece, and also pay attention to the results of the Iraqi election.

Recapping last week

The Greek mess continues

So…maybe no German bailout for Greece after all

Greek Conservative party to vote against austerity measures, according to report

Macro news

Stocks drop after poor pending home sales report

Economist Robert Shiller reports says the US housing market is in a “precarious state”

Citi CEO says bank has “transformed” since crisis

Traders seek out the next Greece in ailing Europe

California is a greater risk than Greece, warns JP Morgan chief

Elsewhere in the world

US health care reform deliberations continue

France seeks new sanctions on Iran, China and Russia disagree

Must read commentary from last week

Al Jazeera columnist on Iraqi election. This election will have major political implications for the greater Middle East.

Post-crisis, the evolving structure of deals. This article is worth reading considering the talk of deal flow returning to the market.

Current market stats

TED Spread: 0.0964
3-month Libor: 0.2536

S&P 500: 1,138.69
FTSE 100: 5,599.76
Nikkei 225: 10,585.92
Hang Seng: 21,186.09

Oil: 81.94
Gold: 1,134.80

Euro/US Dollar: 1.3676

Best attempts at accuracy were made at 10:36 PM Pacific Standard Time on Sunday, March 7. These stats are for informational and educational purposes only, and no liability is assumed for inaccurate information.

-Alex Cook