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Intel's Outstanding Results Boggle the Mind of Negative Analysts?

|Includes: Intel Corporation (INTC)
Nobody can doubt Intel is the creme de la creme when it comes to computers and future technology.
However, just like a true philosophy for life, negative minded analysts will try to find faults by reason and logic, which flows from their educated, intellectual views of life and the financial market place.
It seems Intel is the whipping horse for a large section of brokers and funds that be-lie-ve they know better than the company itself, which has the clearest view of its future progress.
When Intel had past problems there may have been a case to downgrade the stock, however, with  great results and super future forecasts, the fact that Intel went down after its results proves my point that intellectual propaganda is far more powerful in the short term than truthful facts.
This type of intellectual propaganda permeates everywhere in the media and in politics, science, religion and education... Even when they are mostly wrong they have to find clever words, that fool the gullible, to prove they are right.
Thus, we have a world that is lost in its own man-made be-lie-f systems. 

Many who use the media as a means of communication, can, for a while, contort their own and other peoples intelligence systems, rather than the intelligence controlling their intellect/egos.

Intel's results speak for themselves as does the distortion of the intellectual propaganda that influences most peoples lives.

Disclosure: I am long INTC.