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The Course Will Close Itself. - The Philosopher In The Gut.

The Course Will Close ItselfThe Philosopher In The Gut.

All golf cubs must abide by the rules of golf laid down by The Royal and Ancient rule book. I remember a debate that raged in Manchester UK some twenty years ago. The question was when should the golf course be closed by inclement weather. The debate went on for many years as many members did not take kindly to the whims of the green keeper, the golf pro or the different captains the club had each year. Then a wise man came up with a suggestion...Let the course close itself. If the weather is so bad that the cups fill with water and the greens become water logged, then it becomes impossible to play golf. If there is a snow blizzard how will anyone be able to hit a golf ball.....So naturally, the course will close itself. This settled all the debates and so it came to pass a local rule was brought in ..Nature would decided if the course was playable. The course would close itself.

If we live our lives according to the laws of nature we will live a healthy, prosperous life. The big problem in today's world is there is a big debate going on:

  • What is healthy.
  • What is unhealthy.
  • What causes dis-ease.
  • What is the source of happiness.
  • What will elevate stress.
  • What will eliminate stress.
  • What foods nourish the mind & body.
  • What foods destroy the mind & body.

Frequently, scientific research is performed and the results often conflict with a pervious study done by another group. I guess it all depends on who is funding the study as to what the results will reveal. Many studies are funded by commercial or political parties who have a self interest in the results and therefore they are unreliable. It is not much fun to find out you have been eating the wrong foods, for say ten years, because a famous doctor announced they would be good for you. In all sincerity, perhaps he thought the food would be good nourishment conveying good health, but it is, at best, just one persons, or one groups opinion and opinions can and do distort the truth

As science advances it will no doubt find new methods of fixing up diseased bodies. It will also come up with new formulas to keep healthy, but why do we need new formulas when the simple wise and wholesome formulas work so well....What are they.....Let's explore!

How about we bring in a new local rule that is as old as the hills.... 'The mind and body will dictate what foods we eat and what thought we think." That seems simple enough does it not? It is simple, but it is so obvious that most people ignore it.

  • If you eat a food that gives you indigestion, you are eating foods that your body does not appreciate, or you are eating to quickly, or you are in a stressful situation.
  • If you are overweight you are eating too much food. Most probably it is high in fat or sugar.
  • If you are not sleeping well there are events in your life you find difficult to deal with.

The mind and body are united by a very complex and fascinating system. The human mind and body is a whole universe unto itself. I will not go into details about the fantastic systems humans have because I do not know how it all works within scientific details .....But I do know how to listen-in to it and keep healthy with the aid of universal, intelligent wisdom.

The mind is connected to the immune system and it is in the gut that the immune system obtains much of its information. You could say the gut and the mind work in conjunction with each other to regulate the well-being of every cell in its body. Indeed, every cell is a universe unto itself and it accepts it has to work together with all the other cells in the mind a body to function as nature intended...If there is a mis-communication in the mind and body bond, certain functions will close down.

The course of principled, reciprocating actions, will close itself down when the ego/intellect interferes with the universal circuitry, thanks to erroneous thought patterns. If the mis-communication carries on for a long period of time, more and more cells of the body will close down until eventually the whole system goes haywire and death is the final game played. The course of the mind and body has closed itself prematurely, ahead of its assigned, natural lifetime on earth. Stymied by a conditioned mind filled with man-made opinions, assumptions and theories that do not conform with nature.

The circuitry of the human body is an incredible computer programmed by the texture and fabric of nature. The main communicator between the mind and the gut is the Vergus nerve, derived from the Latin word which means to wander. The mind wanders into the domain of the gut and likewise, the gut wanders into domain of the mind.

Without exception, every cell in a human mind and body reflects in concert and they conduct in synchronicity with each other. It is the conscious mind that decides what foods to put into the gut. It is the gut that will send a message back if it does not like what the mind is shoving in it.

They will both work to fix any malfunction, however if one small part of the brain, namely the taste buds dictates what is to be consumed and digested, it can wreak havoc and devastation in your magnificent universal system. The memory banks have been programmed to spark tastes that require high fat and sugar and once programmed they become the reference points when the stomach sends its hungry signals.

To overcome past conditioning of harmful foods and thoughts a new identity is required that transcends programmed memories. By listening into the signals from the philosopher in the gut, a new regime of eating can yield amazing results in just a few weeks. Simply put....Just eat what your stomach requires...Just think thoughts that do not churn it.....Just enjoy natures bounty of wholesome foods and simple thoughts and observe how your miraculous universal body aligns with every star in the sky.

The course of original nature will be open for you to follow all your life on earth....As you plant your thoughts, so shall you harvest the fruits of happiness. The bio-rhythm of genuine health is already orchestrated in every cell of your body and mind. Tune-into the guts wise, authentic intelligence and observe how you are transported into an open, trustworthy, life course.