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Auto-Pilot Selling of Intel on Negative Commentary - Who is Correct, Directors or Commentators?

|Includes: Intel Corporation (INTC)
 You would think by now people could think for themselves. Well, it  seems it isn't so, people still are indoctrinated by negative experts who seem to be better informed than the people who run the company?
 Even when the results of Intel were the best in 42 years, beating estimates on the bottom and top lines, it was not enough to stop a 5% sell off from the previous nights after hours closing price. 

Even positive forward  looking guidance was not enough to keep Intel's overnight gains. However, it did finish with a small gain on the day. So what does this tell the investor who is confused by such irrational trading?
When experts believe they know better than honest company directors and it causes a sell-off, it gives free thinking people the opportunity to buy a great company after it has declared its super earnings.  

That is like having a second bite of the cherry. Or to put it another way, having your cake and eating it.
If the company directors are correct and Intel delivers super results for the foreseeable future, then the company is a good buy now for anyone who does not invest with a one day time horizon.

While they wait for the stock to reach a fair, higher value, they can receive a healthy 3% dividend, which is a lot more than the 5 year treasury bond is paying.
If we are fortunate enough to have more negative commentary and Intel goes down more, we can average down and buy more at every one dollar drop in value ...

Christmas gifts may come early this year, via, the fear mongering common - tators, who try to devoir hot-chips. All that will achive for them and those who blindly follow is... investment constipation.

Disclosure: Long Intc