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Are the Stock Market False gods Messing With Your Mind?

If the Stock Market gyrations are making you feel as though you are on an emotional roller coaster maybe you need to change the rules of the game?

Perhaps it is time to take away the power from the ones who think they can control the minds of the people by intellectual fear mongering propaganda?

Eternal Triumph of Joy, From the Book "The Joys of Live Alchemy.
There is an ancient Greek tale of a man named Sisyphus. He was a playful trickster who played his pranks on everyone, including the gods. One day he fooled the god of death and locked him in a cupboard. Of course, the death god was not too pleased and when the other gods eventually released him, he condemned Sisyphus to an eternity of rolling a large, heavy boulder up a mountain.

When he reached the top, the boulder would not rest and it rolled all the way down the mountainside to the bottom. This then was his eternal tormented load to bear, or so it would seem.
However, there is another way of looking at this story. Once Sisyphus got to the top he had a long time to enjoy himself as he made his way back down to the bottom. He would have a great view on the mountaintop and could savor all the magnificent scenery and wild flowers on the way down.

When he started his task repeatedly, he could think what a great workout he's been given and how it will help him keep fit and healthy. He could break out into song and sing... `Oh! What a beautiful morning,' …as he takes his deep breaths, whilst gritting his teeth to push the rock up to the summit.
He could observe the beauty in each vein of the rock and feel its sensational texture. He would have all the time in the outer-world to understand the rock and he are one and the same. He could instruct his mind to believe the rock was actually pulling him up the mountain and it was he, who was resisting the rocks power.

He could play a game of push and pull. He could be thankful for the great strength the gods had given him so he is able to continue his labor of love and fun. He could blow them kisses and make up jokes for them, so that their mockery and laughter will focus on the jokes... which may be, forever, on them.
We all have our rocks to push up mountains. Whether it is our stock market portfolio boulder that seems to be rising nicely.... then is at the bottom again.

Perhaps a person becomes a writer, artist, teacher or shop assistant, etc, and feels life is unfair... that other people are not grateful for their contributions and efforts they continue to roll out.
Maybe mothers and fathers feel their children are not thankful for all their loving kindness and visa versa from the children's perspective.

So many situations in life where a person feels as though they are given seemingly hard tasks to perform...they consider their lot in life is not a happy one... It only comprises of more and more hard toil, ridicule, complains and mockery as their rewards.
If we turn the tables on the way we view our efforts and enjoy our tasks no matter how taxing and difficult they appear to be, we may find they are not that demanding and formidable at all.

The secret lies in not letting other people or false gods, take away our joy of living, no matter what labors we have to implement. I think you get the gist... Therefore, here is your question to ponder ...
When your life on earth is nearing its end and you look back on each event, do you want it to be recorded as A Tale of Woe or A Story of Joy.

Always remember…
It is your rock...your mountain... and your freedom of thought can make all the difference.

Many happy returns on your investments!
From the glow of enthusiasm, I let the melody escape. I pursue it. Breathless I catch up with it. It flies again, it disappears, it plunges into a chaos of diverse emotions. I catch it again, I seize it, I embrace it with delight... I multiply it by modulations, and at last I triumph in the first theme. There is the whole symphony." - Beethoven.
"Every great and commanding moment in the annals of the world is the triumph of some enthusiasm". - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Disclosure: No positions in false gods