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An amazing admission by a Cantor Fitzgerald analyst.

While sophisticated investors likely know that this issue of market manipulation is proveable, no doubt by experience, the average investor has no such proof. The average investor has, however, access to a statement here, which I found on Bloomberg, that does more than hint strongly at what we average guys have guessed at for months now: that the stock market is manipulated, and will be taken down if necessary to drive scared sheeple into treasury bonds.

We must remember that Ben Bernanke is a bond salesman, and he no doubt is weary of purchasing his own bonds. So, he will drive bond sales. Proof is in an analyst statement. This analyst, George Goncalves, of Cantor Fitzgerald should know, since Cantor is one of the 18 dealers of treasury bonds. He made this amazing statement at

“The Fed also happens to be exiting the Treasury market at a good time,” Goncalves added. “Other markets, such as equities, which performed well due to the expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet are retreating and that will provide a backstop for the Treasury market.”

This incredible admission is proof that the entire stock market is rigged, based upon the expansion or contraction of the balance sheet of the Fed and of the leveraging of same by hedge funds and banks.

I find this manipulation to be both vile and disgusting, a manifestation of a giant ponzi scam bigger than subprime.