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Ben Bernanke Proved Today That He is a Common Criminal

Ben Bernanke stated in his speech today to the Economic Club of New York that there are no imbalances, ie bubbles, in the US financial system. If he is meaning, and he was speaking in the context of higher oil prices, that there is no bubble in oil, and therefore there will be no action to pop this bubble, he is in effect, behaving as a common criminal.

Oil prices are most likely twice as expensive as they need to be. This would translate into gas being sold for less than 3 dollars per gallon. This would be a massive raise for the American people. But stealing, thieving Ben sees no bubble!

And of course the treasury bubble, which is robbing people of even half way reasonable returns from treasuries, is not, as this thief says again, a bubble. This is pure theft from the American people. This man is nothing more than a common criminal in charge of your money supply.