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Wall Street Mercantilism and Trish Regan

Oh isn't she sweet, pregnant and all. She is a lovely flower who as an anchor at CNBC seems to have it all figured out. Boy does she have it figured out. She is literally kissing the darkside of Alexander Hamilton. No doubt Alex baby would have been president of the new mercantile favorite, Goldman Sachs. Independence of the Fed is not the issue. Stealing from America by the government favorite, Wall Street, is the issue.

Americans need to wake up. If you are an average Joe you will get reamed in your investing by the mercantilists favored by the government. Both Bush and Obama are Hamiltonians with regard to bank policy. This is not good for America, and it is not good for the ultimate health of the country. 

It is one thing to be a Federalist, as we pretty much all are now. But ultra Federalism espoused by Hamilton is accompanied by a consolidation of wealth, a growing gap between the wealthy and everyone else, and ultimately the destabilization of the American Way.

I would suggest that investors be very aware that we are not playing on a level playing field. The effort by Nancy Pelosi to have a world tax on investments is actually an attempt to level that playing field and curb the favorite of our hell bent government. While this money should be used to keep additional debt off the backs of the American taxpayers,

Pelosi's proposal will only work if that in fact happens. My support will depend on the outcome of the bill and of course how it is used. She is a big spender. If a dime of this tax goes to help Wall Street it will be a massive failure. But taxpayers continuing to go into debt to bail out the Wall Street darlings is an activity that must stop.