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Recent Trading Activity

I haven't had much time to post trades recently, but in the current Market environment I have been trading mostly Momentum issues and concentrating on that trading style. I rather not average down into Swing positions, but every once in a while I do see examples of this style of trading working quite well. I trade technical set ups mostly, and I know that I'm missing quite a bit by not knowing fundamentals better. Perhaps some day I will have more time to improve in that area and apply it to my trading.

Tech got shook up again today and Biotech is still in play. I'm not sure if Tech will be buy-able tomorrow. On the other hand, watch $323.45 in $IBB closely this week to see if we get upside Momentum-style follow-through. Remember that in the Market often what seems high and probably won't go higher often does go higher, and what seems low and probably will go higher from here often goes lower.