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Here's What You Need To Know About Hardware Features Functionality Of Android M

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Android M preview focuses on three core functionalities which include Android Pay, Doze mode and Fingerprint Scanner. These functionalities are futuristic.

Latest Google news is that the preview for Android M developer had been launched at Google I/O conference which took place in San Francisco. Sundar Pichai, the senior Vice President of Products for Google expressed that it had "gone back to basics" with the new version that has been unveiled. The previous version, Lollipop focused on visual aesthetic of the OS, however the new one, Android M focuses on usability and stability improvements which might not seem that eye-catching but will prove as one of the important additions for some time. The three major functionalities that were highlighted regarding the Android M are mentioned below.

  1. App Permissions

The first one is app permissions, it had been speculated previously that this feature had been overhauled in Android M, with the capability for users to either accept or deny the individual permissions, whatever suits them. The permissions have been simplified too.

The permissions now will be requested when the user uses the feature for the first time instead of at the time of installation. The permissions that do not make sense to the users can be ignored by them if they want to.

For instance, Whatsapp will prompt the user for a one time request of permission to use the mic when the user wishes to record the voice message in it. If the user is still willing to go for the voice message, they can accept the permission request, but they don't have to. Android M has given a greater control to users when it comes to information that the app can access, and indeed it is a positive step.

  1. Fingerprint Support

Google news informs that it will "standardize support" for the phones that are running Android M for fingerprint scanners. This new feature will let the user use fingerprint scanner to unlock the phones and also for the real life shopping purchases and online ones via Play Store apps. Also the device will need the fingerprint scanner in hardware so it can begin, but with the full support by Google, you can expect to appear such scanners on many devices in future.

  1. Mobile Payments

The new system for mobile payment designed by Google is Android Pay and has been made to make the checkout process faster and easier. The company is aiming to offer "simplicity, security, and choice," with the help of Android Pay. It will allow the user to use the existing credit cards for product payments in 700,000+ stores in States.

Compatible with almost any of the NFC capabilities for housing, Android Pay has been supported by American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Discover. It has also been given a nod by carriers such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. The response for Apple Pay has been provided by Google now.

The UI based features will be discussed in the second part for the users to have an idea regarding the features that Google had looked into, such as, Web experience, App links and Power and Charging.