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Ford Teams Up With Alcoa To Manufacture New Form Of Aluminum For 2016 F-150

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Ford Motors Company has partnered with Alcoa to develop its vehicle with more aluminum components.

Ford Motors Company has taken an initiative to manufacture a component for its new automobile. The Michigan-based enterprise has collaborated with Alcoa to manufacture a new robust aluminum that would help it to develop its 2016 F-150 with more aluminum parts than the model launched this year. The automaker began utilizing a significant number of military-grade aluminum chunks in the F-150 introduced in 2015, allowing it to cut down 700 pounds and enhance fuel effectiveness and management.

Ford news affirmed that the utilization of aluminum needed new apparatuses and procedures, which were fitted at the company's Kansas City Assembly Plant in Claycomo as part of a $1,200,000,000 retooling venture that was implemented to perform a number of jobs, such as manufacturing of the new Ford Transit van and the overhauling of new F-150.

However, the company has not clogged with the metal. It continues to collaborate with Alocoa, which pioneered a new aluminum alloy identified as Micromill. Ford news today reported that the new metal could be shaped in an easier manner, allowing the carmaker develop aluminum track components that were earlier not possible, such as inside panels used with external fenders and doors.

The material's strength lets Ford utilize thinner aluminum sheet without the loss of its dent-proof and resistance. This equals to even nimbler F-150s in the coming times, which should be resulting in even better MPG and improved management.

Alcoa CEO and Chairman Klaus Kleinfield stated, "Alcoa's breakthrough Micromill technology offers highly differentiated automotive material with strength, weight, formability, and surface quality combinations previously impossible. This high-tech aluminum will give Ford a true material edge, enabling greater design flexibility and better vehicle performance- making the concept of tomorrow a reality."

Ford breaking news revealed that the automaker's tendency towards aluminum has been targeted. The Chevy Silverado, which was successful enough to gain ground on the F-150, launched advertisements, for example, where people moved to a steel cage instead of one built with aluminum as they faced a grizzly bear.

Industrial analysts have shared their perspective that the collaboration between the two organizations would play a significant role in attracting more users towards Ford's vehicles.

Ford's officials should en sure that the new component is manufactured in the best possible manner to grow in the market. The demand for safety measures also fuels the demand for this aluminum. People are now more inclined towards safety features that has made it quite popular among the masses already.