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Google Has Launched Its Hands Free App: Bye-Bye Credit/Debit Cards

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The search engine giant has introduced its Hands Free App via which will allows its customers to make payments without any physical effort.

The competition in the digital payments market has become vicious and amid all this rivalry Alphabet Inc. has rolled out a new feature that might be considered as a destructive technology for the digital payment solution. On March 3, 2016 the search engine giant introduced its Hands Free App via which customers will be able to make payments of their bills without any physical interaction. The application has been rolled out for both operating systems; Android as well as IOS.

Google initially had its own android payment service which received a good response from all of the tech giant's customers however the app payment solution is still a growing market so for starters, it has only launched its services for the users in the United States. Additionally, the new Hands Free App will be tested in the South Bay close to San Francisco and which is made available at a few places initially including Papa Jones and McDonald's.

This latest introduction by the technology corporation is highly convenient for customers as they do not have to open an app and tap; all they have to say that they will be paying with Google and the cashier will further check their profile with a photo. The app only required Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location services on the user's smartphone.

Convenience is the name of the game for Alphabet Inc. To further eliminate any hassle, the tech organization is working on getting rid of how the cashier has to identify the payer through its sand photo. It's presently working on putting a camera in stores that would scan the payer's face and automatically link it with the user's Hands Free profile. Additionally, the company is confirming that any picture taken from the app will be deleted immediately.

It 'convenience payment app' was introduced by the search engine corporation last year in May at the Google i/o Developer's Conference; however no launch date for the service was disclosed. But the giant has already launched its service alongside its initial online payment android service. The company's android payment service has over nine million registered users already.

Pali Bhat, the Senior Director of Hands Free App stated that the reason for the development of such an app was that Google wanted to see what the future of mobile payment services would look like. The payment service has seen quite a revolution in the past few years; it is safe to say that, that time is close when cash will be completely obsolete as majority of the people now prefer to use online payment, mobile payment and/or contactless cards to make pay their bills.

The key players in the digital payment market currently are Google, Apple and Samsung and even though all these technology corporation are fighting to get the biggest share in the market, it has been quite a challenge for them to deviate customers/people away from the conventional card payment system.