The Day After: China MediaExpress Holdings

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I wish I could turn back time, because investing and investment writing is my passion, but I can't so don't expect me to respond!

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In 1602 the Dutch East India Company was founded. It was the first-ever multinational corporation, financed by shares that established the first modern stock exchange. This company received a Dutch monopoly on Asian trade and would keep this for two centuries. It became the world's largest commercial enterprise of the 17th century. Spices were imported in bulk and brought huge profits, due to the efforts and risks involved and seemingly insatiable demand.

To finance the growing trade within the region, the Bank of Amsterdam was established in 1609, the precursor to, if not the first true central bank.

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Lately a lot of stuff has been going on with China MediaExpress, The latest piece of research came from Muddy Waters, LLC with the title: CCME: Taking the Short Bus to Profits.

I honestly don't know who and what to believe anymore. From firsthand I witnessed that some institutional money was buying today. Money for the long run, I don't know.
If that investors did due diligence, I don't know. If it is just for trading purposes, I don't know. If it is all part of a Bigger Plan? It could be.

To be honest I don't know it anymore.

What I know and I really believe is true is their cash balance of $4.42 per share. What they are going to do with it I don't know.

What I am going to do I know and that's sell some out-of-the money put options
March and get some money for free. Maybe it's not for free I don't know.

This is the life of a trader/investor not knowing anything but believing everything.

And yes I still believe CCME is legitimate.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in OTCPK:CCME over the next 72 hours.

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