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Book review Building wealth in China.

Building wealth in China, 36 stories of Chinese Millionaires & how they made their fortunes - compiled by Zhu Ling

The book was interesting because it tells the story of how 36 businessmen in China who barely have a formal education made their fortunes.
The determination to succeed even after failure and the contributions to do something back to the society by these entrepreneurs go far beyond their investments in China. Many have devoted their knowledge, expertise, time and personal wealth to promote the development of education, welfare and environment
Stories of their success are a reflection of the economic progress China has made in the economic reforms that are lasting already for more than 30 years. The reforms have released the energy and passion of thousands of entrepreneurs across China. In this book 36 tell their success story. Many of them have taken considerable financial and, sometimes personal risks to achieve their goals. For many of them, the initial desire to enrich themselves and their immediate families has, over time, transcended into a mission to establish world-class companies that benefited the country but also the living standards of a lot of people.
Behind the success of these Chinese businessmen is the support of the central and local governments. Old restrictions that prohibited business development have been progressively dismantled and new rules conducive to fair competition and orderly markets have been introduced which helped the entrepreneur to achieve their fortunes.
So in this book you can meet entrepreneurs such as Chen Zefeng, founder and president of the Fuijan Fengyuan Environmental Protection Group Co, Ltd. for him making a contribution is far more important than making money. Cui Guillang, Dawa Dondop, Dawa is the founder, president and chairman of the Tibet Dashi Group, with diverse businesses in water resources, road construction and tourism. Shi Zhengrong, founder and chairman of the Suntech Power Holdings, one of the world’s three largest solar cell manufacturers. In 2005, Suntech became the first privately owned Chinese company to be listed on the NYSE.

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