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Maybe He's Just Wrong

Barbara Crossette, writing at The Nation:

In pushing his domestic agenda, President Obama wasted valuable time chasing the mirage of a rational bipartisan consensus, and the price he paid in the mid-term elections was disastrous for the Democrats. Yet only a few days later, he seemed to be on the same path on his long journey across Asia: seeking cooperation and consensus again, this time from leaders of the world’s top economic powers on projects of importance to the United States. It didn’t work, and the media declared it another failure, this time with China, Korea and Germany playing the Tea Party’s spoiler role.

The arrogance of Ms. Crossette fairly drips off the page doesn’t it? Most of the country doesn’t agree with your agenda? What the hell do they know? Don’t waste your time listening to those yahoos. The rest of the world thinks your economic agenda is insane? What the hell do they know? Apparently it hasn’t occurred to Ms. Crossette or President Obama that maybe, just maybe, there is a flaw in their plan to save the world from itself.