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Guess Who Said This...

Who said this? Answer below the fold:

Why the anti-government mood? I asked this same question four years ago and now I believe I understand.  Simply put, the citizens are revolting against a decade of political leaders who righteously spoke against inflation and excessive government spending but who in practice pursued the opposite course.

It is in this fundamental contradiction between what political leaders have said in their anti-inflation and anti-spending speeches and what they have actually done in their fiscal policies that we find the cause of today’s political malaise. The ordinary citizen knows that government contributes to inflation and that runaway inflation is as destructive to our social wellbeing as an invading army. [...]

….the established political union, and corporate powers are no match for an angry citizenry recoiling against an inflationary threat to their homes and pocketbooks.

While it is true that the tax revolt has increased the privileges of the few, it has without question inspired the hopes of many.  Plain working people, the poor, the elderly, those on fixed incomes, those who cannot keep up with each new round of inflation or protect themselves from each subsequent round of recession, these are the people who are crying out for relief.

But in their name and in the name of misfortune of every kind, false prophets have risen to advocate more and more government spending as the cure – more bureaucratic programs and higher staffing ratios of professional experts.  They have told us that billion dollar government increases are really deep cuts from the yet higher levels of spending they demand and that attempts to limit the inflationary growth of government derive not from wisdom but from selfishness.  That disciplining government reflects not a care for the future but rather self-absorption.  These false prophets, I tell you, can no longer distinguish the white horse of victory from the pale horse of death. [...]

It is time to get off the treadmill, to challenge the assumption that more government spending automatically leads to better living.  The facts prove otherwise.  More and more inflationary spending leads to decline abroad and decadence at home.  Ultimately it will unwind the social compact that forms the basis of our society.

That is Jerry Brown, Democratic governor of California….in 1979. He was sworn in yesterday for another term as Governor of the Golden State and he still sounds as different now as he did then. Read what he said yesterday in this post at Reason Hit and Run.