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FERST Update For July With New PORTFOLIO Feature

A new FERST update (rev 2.2), with data from David Fish's Dividend Champions update of 6/30/16, is now posted at the usual spot on Dropbox (here).

This version includes a new feature: a Portfolio sheet where you can maintain a list of your own holdings (or use it for a watchlist). Note, however, that this new sheet is NOT intended to track your portfolio's performance. Rather, it is intended to answer questions like:

  • Where do my current holdings rank in the FERST main table?
  • Is one of my current holdings a "bargain" at the moment (compared to what I paid for it), that I might want to add to so as to "average down"?
  • Should I sell any of my current holdings? For example, stocks that have appreciated, but have frozen or cut their dividend.

Here is what the new sheet looks like (with sample data):

New Portfolio sheet

You can read the description for yourself (in the above screenshot, or in the actual file). But basically, you enter ticker symbols, and a reference price for each (typically, the price you paid, but could be a "watchlist" price, or any value you want). You can also enter a dividend status (increasing, frozen, cut, etc.) for each ticker. The sheet shows percent over or under your reference price, position in the FERST list, and current yield (based on reference price). You can click one of the red SORT buttons to sort the list based on that column.

You can enter any ticker symbols (they don't have to be CCC stocks). Click the gray "UPDATE NON-CCC STOCK DATA" button to update the current price, company name, and yield for any non-CCC stocks.

I hope you enjoy this new feature. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for further improving / enhancing it. And follow me on Seeking Alpha so you'll be notified of future updates.

Also, a teaser.... I have another new feature planned for the next update (in August), assuming I can get it set up and running! I think you will like it!

May God give each one of you wisdom for your investing!