Iwatch: You've Got To Be Kidding Me

Apr. 28, 2015 10:19 AM ETAAPL5 Comments
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The Iwatch has gotten a lot of media attention and is hyped as Apple's (AAPL) latest great product innovation. I think not so much.

The Iwatch is "safe" design, both in concept and execution. Instead of defining a clear and compelling function for the IW and designing to that, Apple went the "Swiss army knife" design route by trying to include every conceivable function in one device. Jack of all trades, master of none. Most of the time when I pull out a pocket knife, all I want is a good sharp knife to cut something. And a thin light locking blade knife is a lot easier to carry than a Swiss army knife. Plus smart phones are already the Swiss army knife from hell. Seriously Apple, viewing color photos on your wrist- WTF?

The obviously compelling function of a bluetooth digital watch (Iwrist?) is to effortlessly convey desired information contained within the smart phone it's linked to. Tack on only a few health tracking sensors and there's your product. And it should serve those functions effortlessly. This points out the "killer flaw" of the IW design: one more expensive piece of hardware to keep track of, charge, learn, and think about. The Iwatch complicates one's life instead of simplifying it.

So here's the design for the Iwrist free of charge for anyone who wants it. The display should be a long and narrow black and white LED (same tech as Amazon Paper White Kindle) for super long battery life. The display should have two surfaces for viewing. The wider surface would be curved to fit the wrist and be about 5/8" wide and display three long lines of text. The second display surface should be about 5/16" wide, run along one edge of the main display at a 45 degree angle (making it viewable without raising your forearm), have one line of text, and be seamlessly manufactured into the main display like the Samsung Edge. The main display would be blank except when motion activated. The smaller display would always be on and would show the time by default until some text is pushed to it by the smart phone.

There would be only a minimum of input methods available on the Iwrist. The band would be a woven fabric that dirt and oils could not attach to on a molecular level. Pricing would be under $100, eventually dropping to $25. The overall appearance would be stone cold utilitarianism with a flash of style only in the color of the band. How hard is that, Jonie Ivie?

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Additional disclosure: This is not investment advice. I've been very wrong before and will be very wrong again.

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