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The Dirt Cheap Value Portfolio Exhibits Powerful Relative Strength

|Includes: Bridgford Foods Corporation (BRID), F, GE, JVA, LUB, WPRT

Rises 17% vs a 3% drop in the DJIA.

Bridgford Foods stars with a 34% gain.

Westport Fuel Systems is the only stinker.

It has been six weeks since I last reported on the "DCVP". Back then the portfolio stood at $41.69 for the six components it contained, while the DJIA registered in at 25,538. Since then, the DCVP has rallied to $48.34, despite the DJIA falling about 3% from 25,538 to 24,706. That's what I call spectacular relative strength

the lineup:

Bridgford Foods (BRID): the company showed the  DCVP's greatest percentage gain at a staggering 34% during the past six week period, and its not done rallying yet. Earnings were released yesterday via the company's 10K filing.  

Look for the shares to rally as high as $30, by the end of the month.

Coffee Holdings Company (JVA) its fourth quarter results are expected no later than Jan. 31 and since estimates are so low, they shall be a cinch to beat. Look for the company to earn 5 cents versus a 1 cent analyst estimate. This kind of news will easily send the shares north of $5. I also have strongly suggested that $FARM could easily make a run at JVA, throwing as much as $75 million their way, to make the pot too sweet to resist.

General Electric (GE): this one has already run up from $7.01 to $9.06 since being added to the DCVP-that's a respectable 29% mark-up. A run north of $10 is in the cards by the end of Jan.

Luby's (LUB): the activist war is raging and the vote is this Friday. Jeff Gramm had none a superb job and deserves kudos for helping shareholder's see a recent 50% rise in their shares ( from a low of 99 cents). The annual meeting is scheduled this Friday, Jan 25th and the votes will be tallied then. Make sure you vote the gold card. Change is good, especially when seeing the shares lose 80% of their value, under the current regime.

On a side note, Luby's will be issuing its 1st quarter results on Monday Jan 28th, before the market open and in the last two weeks, it reduced its Fuddruckers company owned unit count form 59 to 57 locations. It still has 82 cafeteria locations, 30 culinary service units, 1 Cheeseburger in Paradise and the beneficiary of 102 Fuddruckers franchise locations.

Ford (F): this one was essentially flat during the past six weeks. Just enjoy its fat, juicy cash dividend every three months, like clockwork. 

Westport Fuel Systems (WPRT):  the stinker of the group, down 11%. This could be due to the CEO being replaced. Wall Street despises surprises and the unknown. Why was the CEO let go? The company's press release was vague and odd.  One positive, Royce & Associates added to their position and now owns a 5.50% stake.

Disclosure: I am/we are long ge,brid,jva,f,Lub.