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Mslp An Under Valued Giant

If you read the article by Boris Marjanovic, " Musclepharm undervalued and strong acquisition target", then there's not a lot more I can add. Although I do see them being a possible take over target , I don't see that happening any time soon. What I do see is their delivery of profit and revenue growth continuing to impress. Their goal to be a billion dollar company is realistic, especially at the rate they are growing. Lets look at even if they achieve half a billion that still makes them worth 5x what their worth today. Anybody taking money off the table now isn't looking at the big picture. I believe they will announce their entry to the NASDAQ sometime this quarter, and if they do and if the price maintains over $10, then I can see a 2 for one split upon their listing. A market cap of 1 billion seems like it could be a reality by next year. With the growth of their products already on the market and the products in their pipeline coming soon and their strong management team, who would bet against them. Not me. And even if I'm wrong, $20 by the end of the year still looks cheap. A lot of investors have abandoned ship awhile ago and are probably kicking themselves in the butt now! It's far from being to late to jump in. But don't wait to long, for when they hit the NASDAQ and you haven't bought MSLP, well you've missed the boat. But it's okay, there's always other small cap gold mines out there.