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Seeking Alpha Joins Facebook & Twitter as a Tech Revolution Leader

|Includes: AAPL, E*TRADE Financial Corporation (ETFC)

As we get closer and closer to the 2010-2020 decade, the technology that will further change the way we live is 3G/4G wireless.  Continuous access to a high speed Internet connection opens up a new way of life.  Consider the success of Facebook and Twitter-two platforms that have taken advantage of the increased broadband infrastructure.  These companies have enabled society to intimately communicate as individuals without the limits of geographical location.  Individuals have an ever reaching voice like never before.  Along those same lines, Seeking Alpha is the platform for investor voices to be heard.  No longer is this particular community held hostage by the relatively few decision makers at the big networks.  Seeking Alpha is utilizing the power of the Web to become a leader on Wall Street in the tech revolution.  


A recent experience illustrates the power of Seeking Alpha.  Earlier this week I wrote an article, “Etrade Appears Ready to Climb’  that was distributed across the Web to yahoo finance, google finance, aol, Twitter, Facebook, and multiple blogs.  The response and interaction I have had with readers has added to my initial thesis presented in the article.  The most enlightening comment was posted by redbeard20000 who brought to light the fact that ‘the key number here isn’t 10% common stock ownership, it’s 25% total control of the company.  Citadel will keep converting and selling shares until they have less than 25% of the company per wishes of OTS...”


Numerous other readers have chimed in on the article thereby creating a new reservoir of investment knowledge on Etrade.  The Internet has made it possible for all of us to access the flood of information available but these new platforms are enabling us to enhance the context of the content.  The more widespread 3G and 4G become, the better our collective understanding will be.  This next decade will bring the idea of living in a global neighborhood to reality.  Seeking Alpha is doing it for investors, Facebook is doing it for friends and family, and Twitter is doing it for the general population.  


The weakness of the ‘old school Google’ Internet was the lack of user identity.  Surfing the web was as impersonal as watching the nightly news.  Now with the ability to comment, collaborate, and interact with friends and colleagues, users are getting a taste of what 2010-2020 will be like.  I’ve given my forecast for what the next decade of technology will bring in my eBook, Apple Revolution.  I would love to hear what you think.  Maybe Seeking Alpha will usher in a new generation of independent investment analysts who are able to report via video and podcast from the front lines of Wall Street.  Maybe live video chats will be the next step in social networking to improve the context of content.  It’s exciting to see these platforms evolve and improve the unity of communities.  Props to Seeking Alpha CEO David Jackson and all those on the SA staff for your innovation and contributions to investment research.  

Disclosure: long etfc, aapl