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Three Stocks To Watch Out For

|Includes: Barnes & Noble Inc (BKS), BZQ-OLD, LULU

It being summer again already, the stock market is once again full of minefields, but at the same time full of treasures to take advantage of. One man cannot employ every choice, so it is vital to pick and choose carefully based on your portfolio.

Suspect I- Barnes and Noble (NYSE:BKS)

Barnes and Noble is set to give Q1 Earnings Reports tomorrow morning, something that is eagerly anticipated by shareholders for pretty much any stock. These reports have the potential to make a stock rise 20%, but just as easily to fall 20% or even more.

bks chart

This is the very short-term Barnes and Noble graph. People have been suspecting that Barnes and Noble's earnings will disappoint, so as usual, the stock has tanked slightly. Since the effect of the anticipation of poor results has already occurred and impacted the stock, unless the actual earnings are even worse than expected (which is fairly unlikely), the stock has nowhere to go but up before hours tomorrow. This could mean a nice surge in the price.

bks chart

A good earnings report will launch the stock back up near its 52-week high.

Suspect II- Proshares Ultrashort MSCI Brazil Capped ETF (BZQ)

bzq chart

Lately, Brazil's economy has not been doing too well. Unlike in the United States, manufacturing acceleration has come pretty much to a halt. This is obviously a hazard to many Brazilian companies across many sectors, but those investors who have been waging against Brazil's economy (which is clearly a good thing to do) might go to Inverse ETFs like this one. This stock is actually a 2x inverse, letting you bank profits twice as fast as the MSCI Index in Brazil declines. As it continues to do so, BZQ will see little more than an increase in stock price.

Suspect III- Lululemon Athletica Incorporated (NASDAQ:LULU)

lulu chart

lulu chart

It has been nothing but bad news for the sports attire company over the past few days. Yesterday, the CEO of the company resigned, followed by Drucker Mann claiming the company is not satisfactory for the new generation and thus does not have much room for growth. A four-man vacancy report followed, and the stock has absolutely plummeted. From here, Lululemon doesn't have much else to go but up since it can attempt to neuter what has hindered it over the past couple days. Still, this could very possibly be followed by even more bad news, so I wouldn't make a position in it yet, but just keep my eye on it.

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